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With God as My CEO

Are you intrigued by the thought of operating your business with the Lord at the core? Learn why you need to focus on increasing your Kingdom Impact and how you can take those first simple steps. This is a podcast to empower business owners to rise up and magnify business success for God’s glory.

Get ready to grow your impact through powerful stories from the Bible and inspiring interviews from modern Christian entrepreneurs. Renew your confidence and hone your decision-making skills as you learn how to utilize a Christian mindset to implement effective and strategic biblical principles for application to your business.

Podcast Episodes

31. Christian Business: Mission to Grow
I’m curious, how is your business doing right now? Is everything running smoothly? Is there dissatisfaction with clients or customers? Is miscommunication happening? Problem solving skills are essential when running…
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30. Christian Business: Mission to Grow
When was the last time you reviewed your business mission statement? Is it still in alignment with your values? How are you doing in living out your mission statement?  Matthew…
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29. Christian Business: Vision to Success
Today’s podcast topic is DREAMS, you know the kind, BIG GOD SIZED DREAMS.  Listen in as we explore four characters in the Bible and their experience with different big dreams,…
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28. Christian Business: God’s Strategic Plan with Dr. Myron Jamerson
 Dr. Myron Jamerson is a preacher, devotional author, former military and the founder of Rock City Church. Tune into today to hear his testimony of God confirming to him…
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27. Christian Business: Courage to Succeed
Today we will be studying the courageous life of Deborah, found in the book of Judges. She was a wife, prophetess and judge. Fun fact: she was the only female…
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26. Christian Business: Slaying the Giant!
As a Christian business owner, do you struggle with fear? Fear of not having enough hours in the day? Fear of not making a profit or getting clients? Fear of…
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25. Christian Business: A Purposeful Plan with David Guerreso
David Guerreso joins us today to share about all things trusting God as the CEO of your business and author of your life story. David is skilled in bringing the…
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24. Christian Business: Plan for Growth
Have you ever struggled to communicate with others what you are doing throughout your days as a faith-based business owner? Thank the Lord we have access to learn from the…
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23. Christian Business Keys to Genuine Trust with Andrea Anderson
Today guest, Andrea Anderson, shares her story of not trusting the Lord with her business and how she now can spot the signs in herself (and clients) of trusting Him…
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22. Christian Business: Success the Kingdom Way
Do you think the life of Jonah the prophet can help us in the daily operations of our businesses? Most definitely it can! You have this wonderful, all-knowing, all-powerful CEO…
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