37. Faith & Work: Reaching New Heights with Lauren Hostleter

29. Christian Business: Vision to Success

37. Faith & Work: Reaching New Heights with Lauren Hostleter

Today full time nurse Lauren Hostleter joins the podcast to share her passion for the healing gift of God’s creation. She loves to empower women by taking them backpacking, where she believes people are impacted profoundly by time in nature. 

In this episode, we chat about: 

  1. Lauren’s backpacking business, Moe Mountains and how hiring a business coach was a blessing and helped save her energy and time

  2. The creativity of God and the path He intentionally leads you on towards your current career

  3. How nature played a healing part of Lauren grieving the loss of a loved one

  4. The relaxing components of time outside and how God can speak to us there

  5. Refreshment that comes from sleeping outside

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Interested in trips & would like more info: https://moe-mountains.ck.page/24730fc14d

2024 Trips: https://moe-mountains.my.canva.site/moe-mountainstrips

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