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My mission is to help achievement-oriented women, like yourself, reduce decision-making fatigue and become strong, confident, successful kingdom business owners.

Hebrews 10:24-25 tells us that we are called to be empowered by God, to do life together and be a living proof of a loving God to those around us.

To help you through this process, I host an incredible Impact Makers Journey dedicated to transforming your business using a series of engaging, fun and practical experiences. As a member of the Impact Makers Journey, you will transform your business through a 6-month journey made up of 3 different 8-week mastermind groups: The Prayer Powered Mastermind, The Gathering Mastermind and Changemakers Mastermind. We will study proven theories of business and turn them into real-life lessons of powerful and personalized application designed to move your business forward.

We do all of this in a small group set setting that is part-teaching, part brain-storming and always led by the power of the Holy Spirit and anchored on the truth of scripture.

Impact Makers Journey

A Prayer Powered Mastermind for Women Business Owners

Promise: Learn how to simplify the struggles of business through the power of prayer using practical strategies and real-life models.

Structure/Delivery: “Simple Strategies for Prayer-Based Problem Solving” in 8 weeks inside the Prayer Powered Mastermind for Entrepreneurs program based upon “The Prayer Powered Entrepreneur” book by Kim Avery.

Outcome: Know how to utilize the power of prayer to solve everyday problems and grow your business. Implement clear models and systems on how to use the power of prayer to defeat worry and overcome hurry.

A Prayer Powered Business: Real life models & strategies, simplify everyday struggles, defeat worry & hurry - A prayer strategy for you
The Gathering - 8 Proven Business Strategies: Become Value Driven, Increase Success, Bring Honor to God - Based on the book of Mathew

The Gathering

Promise: Learn how to build a strong business foundation using timeless biblical principles that will improve both leadership skills and business operations. Appropriate for new or currently operating businesses.

Structure/Delivery: “Key Biblical Principles for Business Success” in 8 weeks inside The Gathering mastermind. Based upon the book “Well Done” by Ken Gosnell.

Outcome: Know how to apply practical methods to transform your business into a value-driven entity using 8 proven practical business strategies designed to increase success and bring honor to God.


Promise: Learn the secrets to increasing your time, income and impact with the 7 Scriptural Laws of Multiplication

Structure Delivery: "7 Scriptural Laws of Multiplication” in 8 weeks inside the ChangeMakers mastermind. Based upon the book "Multiply" by Cassie Kitzmiller.

Outcome: Be equipped with the knowledge, skills and discipline to scale your business, accelerate your growth and greatly increase your income as a kingdom multiplier. Based upon the supernatural laws of the kingdom realm that lasts for eternity.

Change Makers

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Voiceover Artist / Actor

When the Prayer Powered Mastermind ended, I wanted more! The Esther Circle was the perfect next step. I love and need my “tribe”! The women that I have met along the way have become part of my journey. Studying Esther made me feel even more blessed to have so many strong women in my life just like Esther. Gayle is a wonderful teacher! She created a safe space for us to share anything.  This workshop made a difference not only in my business, but also in my life.


Keap Certified Consultant/Trainer, LinkedIn Consultant/Trainer

I joined Gayle‘s Prayer Powered Mastermind for entrepreneurs and was so grateful that I did. I needed to make a commitment to focus on praying for my new business. Gayle‘s leadership helps me be more comfortable with having a conversation with God and asking for what I needed in my business. It was great sharing my prayer life with Gayle and others in the group. Gayle is a true blessing


Darrellene Designer Home Decor, Owner

Are you a woman entrepreneur who loves the Lord and seeks his guidance for your business? The Prayer Powered Mastermind is the perfect group for you! Gayle will walk you through “the Prayer Powered Entrepreneur “book each week and more as you focus on the prayer power living model to help build your business. I loved the exercise of being specific for your business in prayer and knowing that God cares about every little detail. You will be so blessed and grow your business and your walk with the Lord.

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Impact Makers Journey

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