With God as My CEO

Are you intrigued by the thought of operating your business with the Lord at the core? Learn why you need to focus on increasing your Kingdom Impact and how you can take those first simple steps. This is a podcast to empower business owners to rise up and magnify business success for God’s glory.

Get ready to grow your impact through powerful stories from the Bible and inspiring interviews from modern Christian entrepreneurs. Renew your confidence and hone your decision-making skills as you learn how to utilize a Christian mindset to implement effective and strategic biblical principles for application to your business.

Podcast Episodes

15. Kingdom Business: Collaboration & Multiplication with Cassie Kitzmiller
Today we have the treat of hearing from  Cassie Kitzmiller .  She is a homeschooling mom to three boys and loves building businesses, gardening, and traveling with her Family. On…
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14. Christian Business Owners – You Can Do This!
It’s very exciting to run a business but also holds many challenges. Today we are discussing how to turn to the Lord and move past disappointment, by exploring the life…
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13. Grow Your Christian Business with Content that Connects with Sarah Roberts
Today we have the pleasure of hearing from Sarah Roberts, who has a big heart for Christian Entrepreneurs looking to market with impactful online content that connects their specific message…
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12. Christian Business Owners Conquering Doubt
The world will tell you doubt is caused by imposter syndrome, shiny object distraction, perfectionism and more. But the Bible tells us doubt is a form of fear (AKA a…
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11. The Resilience Connection with Kaitlyn Cey
Today we are answering the question of “what is Biblical resilience?” Join us today as teacher, pastor and non-profit founder Kaitlyn Cey shares today on the godly perspective of being…
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10. Christian Business Excellent Stewardship
Let's take a look at the book of Matthew to explore a famous financial parable. This story can help us view differently the resources our CEO purposely gifts us with!…
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9. Extraordinary Storytelling for Christian Entrepreneurs with Deanna Nowadnick.
Today you'll hear me and my guest, author Deanna Nowadnick, share about how writing your life moments down (even the seemingly small ones) can lead to a fresh perspective. We…
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8. Keep Faith & Growing Impact in Hard Times
Hi friends! Join us today as we learn from Sarah's story in the Bible about keeping your faith alive, even when things aren't going according to your plan in your…
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7. Growing Kingdom Business Impact
Welcome back to the show! Listen in today as we talk about Noah and the Ark from the Bible and how his story relates to your role as a faith-based…
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6. Christian Business Transformation
Today we are discussing the story of Peter and his faith moments and also his lack of faith moments. We'll be looking into how Peter's story can be applied to…
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