38. Faith & Work: Effective Business Alignment

29. Christian Business: Vision to Success

38. Faith & Work: Effective Business Alignment

Are you frustrated with your dreams not becoming your reality? Check out today’s episode as we journey through some of the book of Genesis, to help restore hope!

In order to move forward with change, we must know the definition of sin, which keeps us bound. God expects us to follow His commands, which we see Adam and Eve NOT doing in the Garden of Eden. 

You will learn today various motivations for doing the right thing (rooted in fear and pride), that are harmful motivations. But a change in heart is very much so possible in how you steward your business for God’s glory with true virtue and healthy motivation! 

You’ll also be given in this episode a wide ranged list of distractions that could be keeping you from spending time with the Lord and hearing His commands for you personally. 

Resource mentioned: 

Timothy Keller’s sermon entitled “A Promise of Hope.” 

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